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About Us

We advocate for clients in the forum of public policy.

Welcome to Vlahovic Group

Vlahovic Group is the first professional public affairs firm in Croatia founded by Natko Vlahovic. Almost twenty years of professional experience and personal education in the US, Brussels and Croatia have been put to work to establish a premier consulting enterprise with a long-term vision to service specific client needs.

Vlahovic Group represents a new kind of business in Croatia advising clients to understand the political processes and institutional designs that govern and regulate people, businesses and organisations. Our mission is to provide the highest quality professional representation for clients whose interests are impacted by decision makers in the Parliament, Government and other national and local government agencies.

We present our clients’ viewpoints based on facts and common sense in an effective and ethical manner that garners the attention and respect of all parties. Our approach is designed to provide high value public policy outcomes that add to the success of our clients.

Approach to clients

Our clients are our number one priority and we work hard to develop deep relationships that last over time. We love the energy and synergy that comes from getting to know a new client – understanding their issues and developing a tailored strategy to help them capitalise on an opportunity or manage a threatening situation. Whether the client turns to us on short notice when facing a public policy crisis or chooses us as a new Zagreb/Brussels partner – we value each and every opportunity.

Crafting strategy

The firm is based on four main pillars: government relations, public affairs, strategic communications and EU-funded projects. We combine and mix these services on a case-by-case basis. Our first step when working with a client is to achieve a deep understanding of his or her issue. In the second phase, we research and design a global strategy and identify and agree upon key stakeholders. The third phase is full implementation of our developed strategy, wherein we use all resources and tools available to promote the interests of our client.

Brussels and EU affairs

Vlahovic group has offices in Zagreb and Brussels, and associates in Croatia and other EU and Eastern European countries. Our Brussels activities are an important ingredient for monitoring, evaluating and influencing decisions in Croatia, and vice versa. Vlahovic Group has extensive firsthand experience working with the complex network of institutions, politicians, experts and media between Zagreb and Brussels, which gives our team a competitive advantage in handling EU affairs.