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Core Team

Natko Vlahovic

Founder and CEO
In 2012, when I founded Vlahovic Group, the idea of a professional, transparent government relations firm was misunderstood...
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Miljenko Pekic

Chief Operating Officer
Miljenko was appointed COO of Vlahovic Group in May 2019. Miljenko joined Vlahovic Group in October 2017 as Senior...
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Tomislav Lacovic

Account Director
Tomislav joined Vlahovic Group in 2019 and serves as an Account Director.  Tomislav holds an M.A. in Comparative...
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Fabijan Popovic

Account Manager
Fabijan joined Vlahovic Group in 2019 and now serves as Account Manager. Fabijan holds a master’s degree in...
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Research Associate at Vlahovic Group Government Relations

Tomislav Vidovic

Account Executive
After successfully completing his internship at Vlahovic Group, Tomislav joined the team as Researcher/Analyst. Having completed his first...
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Sandra Komorski

Office Manager
Since 2015, Sandra has been VG’s Executive Assistant and Office Manager from October 2019. Over the past 20...
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Leo Dolezil

Senior Energy Expert
Leo Dolezil complements the VG team as Senior Energy Advisor, following a successful career in the oil and...
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Filip Lugovic

Director, Brussels Affairs
Filip heads VG’s Brussels operation and is a go-to person for EU-related matters. Filip is exceptionally ...
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