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Agnieszka Anna Klasa

Agnieszka worked on implementation projects under the EU’s IPA programme for public institutions in Poland (2000 – 2004). She worked...
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Milan Dobrosavljevic

Senior Advisor – Serbia
Milan is a senior advisor for Serbian affairs within Vlahovic Group.  Parallel to the latter,  he holds a position of...
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Mario Gerussi

Senior Advisor - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zyhrada Kongoli

Senior Advisor – Albania
Zyhrada Kongoli has worked as an independent legal consultant since 2007. As a consultant, Kongoli’s roles included: providing legal expertise...
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Fisnik Salihu

Senior Advisor – Kosovo
Fisnik Salihu is a lawyer specialized in Commercial and Corporate Law, International Trade Law, Banking and Financial Law, Investment and...
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Marjan Tanushevski

Senior Advisor – Macedonia
Marjan defended his Masters and PhD theses in lobbying and created public policies at the Institute of Sociological and Political...
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Joseph P. Foley

Senior Advisor - United States of America
Joseph P. Foley was Legislative Floor Assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1974 to 1980 for a Member...
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Kemal B. Kalender

Senior Investment Advisor - Turkey & EuroAsia
Born in 1952 in Ankara, Turkez (Türkiye). Undergraduate studies in science-history and  social sciences in Heidelberg, Germany. Holds an MBA...
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Zoran Horvat

Senior Advisor - Investment & Trade, Korea
Zoran is an independent consultant and associate within Vlahovic group.  Currently, he also supports the activities of Korean healthcare product...
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