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Digital Advocacy – the time has come!

Digital Advocacy – the time has come!

Policy Advocacy is a widely familiar term. Most people know that under Policy Advocacy we mean any organized effort to influence public perception of an issue, a particular legislation or the policy-making process in general. But when it comes to the Digital Advocacy, a lot of general public, as well as professionals, remain uncertain of what it means.

An extremely high percentage of people consume digital content every day – weather it’s through the news or social media platforms, via their personal computers or mobile phones. This makes Digital Advocacy one of the most powerful ways to voice your message and more important, to deliver it to the right audience. For many professionals, Digital Advocacy has become essential in reaching out and impacting the targeted audience. More important, this tool enables you to create a network of your allies, people who agree with your message or even find it personal, who will act as lobbyists and spread it even further.

One of the major problems most of the organizations have is the information gap between their work and the citizens. Social networks enable the companies to make their political advocacy more transparent to the public eye and, with that, to increases the impact to targeted legislators. With an open and transparent communication, you will create new supporters, and your organization will look more appealing to the key stakeholders.

Despite the fact that Digital Advocacy is unlikely to replace the direct contact, and that the personal approach remains the favorable form of communication, it is still a widely underestimated tool of influencing the stakeholders and the public. In an everchanging time of innovation and digitalization, all branches of business are evolving and adapting. The time has come for Digital Advocacy to take its rightful place in PA sector and became more than just a catch phrase.

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