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Presentation of the Commissioners and Vice Presidents of the new European Commission by Ursula von der Leyen

The Role of New European Commission Vice-Presidents

ZAGREB, September 17th, 2019 – In order to ensure horizontal coordination over defined political priorities from Ursula von der Leyen’s Political Guidelines, each of the eight European Commission Vice-Presidents will be responsible to steer and coordinate one or more thematic Commissioners’ Groups. In doing so, the VPs will have the support of the Commission’s Secretariat-General.

While the three Executive Vice Presidents are in charge of three top priorities from the EC President’s political agenda

  • Timmermans – European Green Deal
  • Vestager – Europe fit for the Digital Age
  • Dombrovskis – Economy that Works for the People

having DG’s under their authority, five other Vice Presidents cover the remaining three priorities (A stronger Europe in the world, Protecting our European way of life, A new push for European democracy), not all of them having DGs under their authority.

The last priority, A new push for European democracy, shall be pursued by three Vice Presidents:

  • Dubravka Suica is in charge of coordinating the promotion of the conference “The Future of Europe” with the aim of increasing the participation of citizens, civil society and EU institutions in shaping the future EU strategic agenda.
  • VP Jourova will work to promote the rule of law, European identity and citizenship and to engage in dialogue with churches and religious communities
  • VP Sefcovic is in charge of better cooperation between the Commission and the Parliament, better regulation and relations with national parliaments.

Dubravka Suica in her public diplomacy mission will have DG for Communication under her authority as well as being supported by the Secretariat-General. In the field of “democracy”, one of Suica’s main tasks will be the coordination of the Conference on the Future of Europe whose outcome should be “The EC’s contribution to the EU Strategic Agenda for Europe 2024-2029”, This document will list the results of the VDL’s Commission and the recommendations for a 5-year period and will be a key input for the EU Strategic Agenda 2024-2029 to be adopted by the European Council following this informal summit.

The new Commission is still in its earliest phase and is not yet approved by the European Parliament, therefore it remains to be seen which concrete actions will be on the horizon for the VP roles. Hopefully, November will shed some light on it and give us a definitive image of the new EC configuration.

Photo: © European Union, 2019

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