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Predicting roadblocks


Monitoring – Predicting policy roadblocks before they become a concern

At Vlahovic Group we believe that successful public affairs management stems from continuous legislative and policy monitoring. By scrutinising your sector, we have the capability to predict roadblocks before they become a concern.

We believe that research-based intelligence gathering keeps you ahead of the game and helps you adapt your business strategy.

Risk Assessment – Enter a new market with a policy roadmap

Entering a new market without a reliable policy roadmap can be tricky business. Vlahovic Group has extensive experience with providing our clients with a risk assessment report that can serve as a basis for your decision to do business in Croatia.

Based on comprehensive intelligence gathering, we can determine who you can count on for support and who will oppose your efforts.

Executive intelligence – Deep information gathering

VG is exceptionally versed in assembling tailored in-depth analyses that help corporations understand the background to how their project was affected by policy stakeholders at both local and national levels. This analysis is based on field research and targeted interviews that offer a deeper understanding of the current situation surrounding a project.