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Natko Vlahovic wrote an article for Lider Media under the Opinion Maker section

Corporate Interests Behind the EU Presidency

Natko Vlahovic, CEO of Vlahovic Group, wrote a highly informative article for the Lider Media magazine, dissecting the Presidency of the Council of the EU from a business point of view. He touched upon transparency as well, which is a prerequisite for a successful EU Presidency.

When it comes to the Croatian EU Presidency, the majority of operative assignments will fall upon the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Croatia to the EU, therefore rendering it a Brussels-based Presidency. However, Zagreb will also have a say in the Presidency, with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs coordinating numerous events and summits in the homeland. Many business associations have already engaged with decision-makers and secured their presence at important thematic events and conferences to be held in Croatia during the Presidency.

A lesson to be learned from current Finland’s Presidency is surely their dedication to Transparency. The Finns diligently disclose their meetings with business representatives publicly on their official website. It is still unknown whether Croatia will do the same, but it would be a firm statement of integrity to follow Finland’s lead.

From January 1st, Croatia will hold the pole position and set the pace of EU institutions, a commitment to full transparency and openness of processes would certainly mean Croatia is up for the challenge.

For more details, read the full article in Croatian: Natko Vlahovic – Lider Media_12.12.2019.

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