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Natko Vlahovic - Interview for a newspaper

Croatian EU Presidency Potentially a Momentous Event for the Business Sector

In an interview for Glas Slavonije, Natko Vlahovic outlined some of the opportunities and challenges that January brings for our state. Come New Year, Croatia takes the helm of the rotating Council of the EU Presidency for the first time in its EU membership, this brings serious attention from the European business sector.

Answering the author’s questions about the MFF 2020-2021, Natko Vlahovic recognized Croatia will have a major task of guiding all member states to a consensus, with the Cohesion policy surely proving to be the stumbling stone. EU’s Cohesion policy is its most important investment tool, taking up around 40% of the overall MFF. Considering the ratio between the most developed and the least developed member state is 1:7 and compared to 1:3 ratio between the most developed and the least developed state of America, less developed member states will certainly push for large cohesion funds in order to catch up with the leading EU member states.

Furthermore, he touched upon the labyrinth we call the EU’s legislative procedure. In order to push for an agenda, you need to be a seasoned connoisseur of all processes on all the levels in the Commission, Council and Parliament. Every stakeholder looking to protect his interests will undoubtedly need a professional to guide him through the work of more than 300 various committees and working groups, 10 Council formations, 25 EU Commissioners and 53 DGs and agencies – all creating, drafting, discussing and amending regulations, directives and all other forms of EU legislation.

In conclusion, Vlahovic Group CEO inferred that the Presidency offers a unique opportunity for Croatia’s affirmation as a major player in the EU. Moreover, the Presidency is a unique opportunity for the Croatian business sector as well, but it will profit from the Presidency proportional to the level of interest it shows for this momentous event.

For more details, read the full article in Croatian: Natko Vlahovic – Glas Slavonije_16.11.2019.

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