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Entrepreneurship – Freedom That Requires Patience and Discipline

Our CEO Natko Vlahovic put pen to paper for Poduzetnik (Entrepreneur) Magazine in order to describe his quite interesting path to running a successful business in Croatia. Natko wrote about his beginnings and the importance of learning to constantly improve.

He briefly touched upon some defining moments and realizations that encouraged him to persevere. One of them was a comment made by a partner in Patton Boggs during Natko’s volunteer work in the USA, a real eye-opener in terms of the required work ethic and the level of ambition behind great results. At Patton Boggs, Natko realized the amount of work, time and energy that come before success. There are no shortcuts and no stones left unturned.

Another crucial point made by Natko is to retain the level of enthusiasm and energy as on the very first day. With the right energy, good service and sound methodology, the result will undoubtedly come. If an entrepreneur never loses focus and chases his goal, he is destined for success.

Click on the link and read the entire article in Croatian: Natko Vlahovic_Poduzetnik Article 

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