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Government Adopted Regulatory Impact Assessment Act


Government Adopted Regulatory Impact Assessment Act

13 March 2017, VG Intelligence Weekly Issue 45

The Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) system was introduced into the Croatian legal system for the first time in 2012. The purpose of the RIA is to ensure efficient and improved legislation that achieves its goals at a low cost and without unnecessary obstacles. The new RIA Act significantly reduces the time required for implementing the whole RIA process. Namely, part of the process are the so-called public consultations aimed at including relevant stakeholders’ opinions and remarks on legislative proposals. New methodologies – Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Test and Standard Cost Model (SCM) Methodology – are introduced, primarily assessing the RIA on SMEs. Some legislation is entirely excluded from the RIA process, including the approval of international agreements, directly applicable EU regulations and related acts, the State Budget Act, and a decision by which Croatian Parliament authorises the Government to directly regulate issues that are usually within the parliament’s domain. Finally, it is expected that the application of this act will result in reducing unplanned legislative acts, simplifying the RIA procedure, and reducing the time to conclude the RIA…

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