Croatia Presided
Successfully, But
Citizens Unaware


Croatia Presided Successfully, But Citizens Unaware

Jul 3, 2020

This week’s edition of Lider Media magazine featured a Croatian EU Presidency overview by Natko Vlahovic, founder and CEO of Vlahovic Group.

Natko commented on the circumstances in which Croatia managed its six-month term at the helm of the Council. According to him, the experience of presiding over the Council in a crisis can be the key takeaway for the Croatian administration. After a period of extensive preparation, the Presidency started as expected, but March marked a complete shift of activities. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the Croatian Presidency to cancel all live events to be held on Croatian soil and conduct them virtually. This proved to be a big hit for the hospitality sector in Croatia.

However, all working group presiding officers showed great adaptability because many urgent relief measures have been adopted for sectors endangered by COVID-19. The Croatian Presidency successfully completed negotiations on Council positions on several extremely important legislative files.

An important trialogue in the field of consumer protection has been completed, and if the European Parliament confirms the agreement, it will be the first one ever that establishes a mechanism of collective consumer protection.

The entire Croatian Presidency was successful in the set circumstances, it managed the pandemic in the right way and closed several important files, but it lacked a strong PR support, in relaying this success to the Croatian citizens.

Read the entire article in Croatian: Lider Opinion by Natko Vlahovic


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