About us

Vlahovic Group was established in 2012 as the first professional government relations consultancy in Croatia. Originally, Vlahovic Group was a family business started in 1990, during the first days of a free-market economy and the breakdown of former Yugoslavia. Later on, the company was restructured into a professional consultancy business that pioneered a modern way of advocating public policy interests in Croatia and the Western Balkans region.

Since its establishment, the firm is registered with the EU Transparency Register in Brussels, showing an all-round commitment to ethics and compliance. VG’s reputation with political structures in Croatia since its beginnings has been professionally unchallenged and all our representations have been managed without any reputational risk for the client.

Natko Vlahovic, a seasoned lobbyist who has worked in government relations for over twenty years in Washington D.C., Brussels and Zagreb is the founder and CEO.

Our Mission

Strategically positioning our clients for
government engagement, finding a win-win
solution for decision-makers and our clients.

Our Character

We turned our passion for politics and creativity
into proactively finding viable policy solutions,
while building long-term relationships with

Our Attitude

We are a fast-paced, agile team dedicated
to overcoming challenges, solving problems
and providing solutions to our clients.

Our Clients

Our portfolio goes across sectors and geographies, ranging from listed multinational companies, business associations and investment funds that require high-level output in government relations.


VG News

NEWS from Zagreb's St. Mark's Square

Vlahovic Group sends a biweekly political update on the activities of the Croatian Government (schedules and notable news). The update includes a listing of the activities of the PM and other members of the Government, new appointments, a selection of press releases by different Governmental departments and executive agencies. By subscribing, you agree to recieve this newsletter. You can unsubscribe anytime. The collected data is used only for registration and sending the newsletter and will not be used for other purposes.