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Procedures for EU Funds Must Be Honored, but no Time for Waiting

Our CEO Natko Vlahovic was approached by Glas Slavonije to give his take on the procedures behind absorbing the €22 billion of EU funds.

Through answering three well-thought questions, Natko underlined all the necessary prerequisites for withdrawing the funds at disposal. The crisis will sure be felt across many sectors, that is why Croatia must first put forward a National Development Strategy, outlining the priorities. This will create a framework for drafting other operational documents and it is highly important to honor all required procedures when public funds are in question.

Natko reiterated the need to include the private sector in the preparation of projects that aim to withdraw EU funds. Entrepreneurs know exactly what they need to weather the storm, they can react swiftly, and they have concrete ideas that can help the economy. It would be prudent for the government to include them as much as possible.

The interview was concluded with reaffirming the need for meaningful reforms and a strong belief that the new 7-year financial period will be a successful one for Croatia.

Read the full interview in Croatian: Natko Vlahovic – Glas Slavonije_5.9.2020.

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